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What are keyloggers? How can I protect my PC from them?


In brief, keyloggers are tools that intercept different kind of user activities on PC and save or send them to third parties. Basically there are two types of keyloggers: software-based and hardware-based ones. Software-based keyloggers are actually programs that intercept your keystrokes, mouse clicks, clipboard contents, URLs i.e. all the user activity. The hardware-based keyloggers are physical devices that are usually plugged somewhere between the keyboard and the PC itself and intercept keystrokes typed.

Our company has developed two solutions to protect you data from being stolen by keyloggers: Anti-Keylogger and PrivacyKeyboard. The principle of their work is analyzing of all the active modules running in the PC and blocking the suspicious ones. It means our solutions do not require any signature bases and, what is the most important, using the method of heuristic Protectionanalysis they can protect you from both known and unknown types of software-based keyloggers. All the functions listed above are fully implemented in Anti-Keylogger. In addition to these functions PrivacyKeyboard protects your PC from screenshot-making keyloggers and hardware keyloggers by the means of Virtual Keyboard.

Key Features


Both of our antispy solutions has the list of the following features:

  • blocking of keystroke logging;
  • blocking of clipboard logging;
  • blocking of windows content capturing;
  • ‘on-the-fly’ protection;
  • easy to install and use;
  • full UNICODE support;
  • available in 5 languages.

In addition to listed above PrivacyKeyboard solution has the following features:

  • protection from hardware keyloggers;
  • blocking of desktop screenshots capturing.



Our antispy solutions has been designed to help you serve a wide range of business and private concerns:

  • Prevent identity theft
  • Prevent Internet banking fraud
  • Secure email communication, instant messaging and chat
  • Eliminate leaking of confidential or proprietary information
  • Keep logins, passwords, PINs safe
  • Reduce security breaches
  • Enforce computer and Internet Acceptable Use Policies (AUP)
  • Buck the espionage software of your competitors
  • Guard human ethics and privacy
  • And many other



Unlike many existing antispy programs, our solutions will protect your information:

  • More promptly, because there is no necessity to wait until signature bases have been updated (as it is in antivirus, antispyware and other programs) while a keylogger-bearing virus steals your sensitive information.
  • More effectively, because the program works constantly and silently, asking the user no questions thus excluding user's probability of error when making decision.
  • At a lower price, because you do not need to make annual payments for signature bases updating as with many producers of antispy and antivirus program products

All our software has fully-functional, but time-limited free trial versions for you to try. To find out which of the products to choose please see our comparison table.

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