WinPatrol WAR

Based on sophisticated technology, WinPatrol WAR (formerly WinAntiRansom) blocks ransomware, malware, zero-day threats before they infect your PC system. It not only protects your computer, but also encrypts all documents, pictures, music and other valued files. This product is very user-friendly because no configuration is needed.

Therefore, WinAntiRansom uses four main protection layers to keep PC secure.

The first one, iPreEmptive Actions layer, identifies and blocks ransomware and other malicious software before they hit your PC system.

The next one, SafeZone Actions layer, allows you to select a folder, which in your opinion, needs specific protection.

The Network Lockdown Actions part blocks the malicious programs attempts to access the Internet.

The last but not least one, Protected Registry Actions layer, prevents important registry entry from being modified by programs that are not whitelisted. You are able to add the user-defined key to the program without any outside help.

14 Day fully functional free trial is available for users before a license acquisition. WinAntiRansom’s combination of whitelisting, artificial intelligence engine and four-layered protection are the best safeguard for your PC.

System Requirements:
Operating System: Windows XP SP3 through Windows 10
Disk Space: Nominal, less than 250 MB
.NET 4.0 Framework or greater required.