WinPatrol Firewall

The Full Benefit of WinPatrol Firewall

  • BLOCK Malware your AV misses, BEFORE it infects!
  • Take back control of which programs get to use the Internet!
  • Fast and effective, does NOT slow down your computer!
  • Effective against Zero Day threats, junkware, spyware and malware!
  • Perfect companion with WinAntiRansom and WinPatrol PLUS

WinPatrol Firewall rips open the veil of secrecy programs have been hiding behind by exposing every single program on your computer that is using the Internet.

“Smart Recognition” automatically allows/blocks programs so you don’t have to.

“What others do” percentages help you determine whether to allow/blocks programs.

Icons help you identify programs, signed programs and Microsoft protected programs at a glance.

Allow/Block by signature. Now it’s super easy to allow all programs for your printer or other.

Tells you from where each program is sending and receiving data, and how much.

Gives you the power to block Internet access for any program(s).

Empowers you to block any unknown programs from using the Internet without your permission. INCLUDING Viruses!

Can automatically remove unwanted Flash Cookies… Why should I care about Flash Cookies?

Designed to Block Canvas Fingerprinting…. What is Canvas Fingerprinting and why should I care about that?

Informs you which sites DO NOT use Canvas Fingerprinting so you can use them instead.

Program Details Dialog gives you detailed specifics about any program.

15 Day, fully functional, free trial available.