WinPatrol Firewall

The Full Benefit of WinPatrol Firewall

  • BLOCK Malware your AV misses, BEFORE it infects!
  • Take back control of which programs get to use the Internet!
  • Fast and effective, does NOT slow down your computer!
  • Effective against Zero Day threats, junkware, spyware and malware!
  • Perfect companion with WinAntiRansom and WinPatrol PLUS

WinPatrol is a fast and effective software designed for anti-malware, junkware, spyware, zero day attacks protection. This effective tool is an excellent solution to block the hundreds of infections before they affect your computer system. WinPatrol uses the “Smart Recognition” layer to protect your PC from a lot of hostile programs or to install the necessary secure software on your device.  According to Bret Lowry, CEO of WinPatrol, it is the best way for the users to identify is there anything out of hand and to protect their PC activity from different potential problems. To improve your system performance, WinPartol Firewall instantly prevents malware from the Internet access. With this software, you will always be able to prohibit any unknown program from using the Internet without your prior permission. As a result, the user is able to cancel an unwanted software installation. One more benefit is that you will always be informed of how much data each program is sending and receiving.

15 Day fully functional free trial is available for users before a license acquisition. The program neither slows down your PC system nor conflicts with any antivirus software installed on it; in fact, it serves as a good supplement to anti-viruses.