Bitdefender Antivirus for Mac

Ironclad protection without any impact on your Mac’s performance and speed.

Bitdefender Antivirus for Mac ensures absolute protection of your computer against any online threat, though does not slow it down. Bitdefender is so effective and concealed, that you will not notice its work aimed at keeping your computer safe.

The new version of Bitdefender Antivirus for Mac has been developed specifically for Mac OS support. It is so good at scanning files, that you will get the most serious protection against any kind of malware without any negative impact on your system’s performance and speed.

Let your Mac work with zero complications from intrusive adware that can be picked up from Internet even by Macs. Bitdefender Antivirus for Mac can detect and eliminate adware, unwanted toolbars, malicious hijacker programs and other threats, that can come from Internet.

Present-day online scams can penetrate any operational system. Anti-phishing function of Bitdefender Antivirus for Mac has been specifically designed to scan the websites you browse and warn you of any fraudulent attempts.

The new feature Time Machine Protection provides improved security ensuring that no sophisticated malware will destroy or encrypt your backups. You can rest assured – your files will always stay yours!

All your security needs are handled automatically by Bitdefender Antivirus for Mac. Using innovative proprietary technologies, it will successfully detect and remove any threats without any impact on your Mac’s performance and speed. Switch it on and forget about it!

  • Detects and eliminates intrusive adware
  • No impact on speed and performance
  • Bitdefender AutopilotTM ensures round-the-clock protection
  • Makes your online shopping safe
  • Provides protection against PC and Mac malware
  • Cloud-based support 24/7